Life after Work

Encore for mandolin

A couple months ago John, his mom, and his sister drove down to Willcox and brought back lots of apples, pickles, etc. While John made jar after jar of pickled cucumbers and bell peppers, I ended up slicing over 50 pounds of apples with – you guessed it – the mandolin slicer in small batches for drying.

John loves snacking on these apple rings so much that we decided to get more apples. Instead of driving to Willcox he found a Sprouts store that had apples on sale, organic apples usually run over $2 a pound, the ones he found there were only $0.6 to $0.8, some organic, some conventional, and he bought several kinds. I pulled out the mandolin again and got to work, the dehydrator has been humming night and day. Maybe I’ll be done by next weekend.

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