Life after Work

Found & Lost

I don’t have a lot of friends and I don’t really socialize that much and that is fine. We have a few friends that we talk to or meet with every once in a while. Today, after I got home, for example, I finally caught our friend Mark online who lives in LA. It was nice to chat a bit and find out that things are ok.

Later, though, when John came home, he told me he had just heard that another old friend, Shyam, passed away a couple of months ago in his sleep. How sad! We had seen him shortly before at the store, and while he looked aged, we would have never guessed his health was so frail. He is the guy on the right in the picture below, Shyam’s wife Shakuntala is on the left, Jay is in the middle.

Shakuntala, Jay, Sham 2004

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