Life after Work

Beans and Rocks

I was eating beans and rice for lunch in the office when I chomped on something hard. It didn’t hurt, but I was definitely in shock. I found the problem quickly, a little pebble in my food! I felt my teeth with my tongue and they seemed ok at first, but then I discovered a sharp edge at the end of one of my crowns. At this point I was close to hyperventilating! I ran to the bathroom to take a breather and calm down. I couldn’t make out anything in the mirror but on the inside of my teeth, the back corner of that crown was gone. I tried to relax, after all it could have been worse:  a broken real tooth or more than one tooth involved would certainly be more expensive than what I was facing now. Plus, I wasn’t in pain.

I returned to my desk a little light-headed still and started to search for the pebble which I thought was still sitting on the desk, but it was gone. Bummer! Another bummer was that I must have swallowed the bits of broken crown which hopefully isn’t awfully poisonous. I phoned the Mr. to give him the bad news and then made an appointment at Dr. L’s office (our dentist for over 10 years!).

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