Life after Work

Horseshoe Canyon Hike

¬† We drove to Mexican Hat, UT, yesterday and made our way to the Horseshoe Canyon section of Canyonlands National Park this morning. This canyon features worldfamous Barrier Canyon Style rock art dating from 1500 – 4000 years ago. The hike is 7 miles round trip, starts at the top of the canyon and the […]

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While John spent the day at Little Rangoon helping out, I got some stuff done. I did some handwash and¬†blocked my blue lace shawl (Alpine Knit Scarf by Jane Sowerby) which took just about forever. Then I finished updating and uploading the Fibers Through Time Photos. I also continued on with the core form for […]

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When we were out and about on Saturday I had been pretty sniffly and congested – allergies, right? Well it turned out it was a real cold. On Sunday I spent most of the day in bead nursing my headache and trying to avoid coughing. Today I was feeling better but not sure if I […]

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