Life after Work


In October we had some great visitors, our old friend from way back when in Frankfurt, Taner, with his girlfriend. They stayed in Phoenix for a few days to visit with us before embarking on a long trip around the US. We had a great time together and John and I were so happy they were […]

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Christmas Weekend

This was a long weekend… and a great one. We went to the movies to see Princess and the Frog on Christmas Eve which was really nice. On Christmas Day we had lunch with Elizabeth and Alfred from Little Rangoon at Totties 2 and on Saturday night we dined (and enjoyed dessert at Cheesecake Factory) […]

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A Wollmeise Weekend

The big event this weekend was that my sister’s package arrived. Stephanie took a trip to the Wollmeise shop in Pfaffenhofen earlier this year and, for a lack of a better word, went nuts, buying lots and lots of this wonderful yarn for the both of us. Now, my share of the loot has arrived […]

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Birthday Weekend

We left around 6 AM on Saturday morning for the Grand Canyon. John was really worried about the weather because a lot of snow was expected at the South Rim but we arrived just fine, although the last miles were tense for him. (Since it has been many years that he’s driven in snow on […]

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Company Christmas Party

My company has had a holiday party every year since I started there in 2002. John and I have skipped a couple of years because we were traveling, other times I attended by myself because he was out of town or otherwise indisposed. Some years the firm rented a restaurant space, two years we tried […]

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Weather! In Phoenix!

It has been raining most of the day which is rare in Phoenix. Usually it rains for a short time in a small area then stops. In the evening the winds kicked up and just now we had some fierce winds whipping through the trees next to the house. We heard noise and opened the […]

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Guild Meeting Weekend

On Saturday I finally managed to attend a meeting of the Arizona Desert Weavers and Spinners Guild and joined. I had a great time because it was the guild’s annual fundraiser meeting which means that there is an auction of gift baskets compiled by guild members. Vice President Susan Clarke did most of the auctioneering and […]

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