Life after Work

Our friendly neighborhood caffeine dealers

DH and I have been sporting a Starbucks addiction for the last months and we blame these guys (and a few others at the same location)! They are just too damn fun to come visit and chat with. Couple months ago we entered the store and found Rainy and Joe (left and right) were sporting […]

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Thanksgiving Weekend

John and I stayed home for the long weekend for the first time in quite some time, instead of heading to the Oregon Coast and its yurts. While that felt a little strange we also had our fun with the mini vacations to the East Coast and the Florida Keys and I was looking forward […]

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Our neighbors are scumbags part 54613

A month or so ago new people moved into two of the apartments in the building next to hours. They enjoy socializing on their patios and talking loudly at all hours. Last night though they took the cake and ran with it. They were apparently partying with another neighbor who, allegedly, flipped out after drinking […]

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Engagement Saturday

I’m having a hard time coming up with titles for these blog entries! Today was Rachna’s (Sonal’s niece) engagement. We arrived at their house around 8 AM and nobody was ready! A bunch of guys were hanging out downstairs while the women were getting ready upstairs. Finally, all sarees and odhnis were pinned down properly and […]

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