Life after Work

Jessica arrives

Jessica and John had been talking about meeting up in Yuma because she was going to visit friends there on her way to San Diego to meet up with her hubby Caleb (who’s in the Navy). At what seemed to be the last minute, plans changed and she headed directly to Phoenix instead, arriving here shortly before noon. […]

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Visiting Auntie

We finally made it to my mother-in-law’s house today to spend a little time with Aunt Eleanor, John’s great-aunt on his mother’s family’s side. She continues to fade away ever so slowly. She only gets out of bed for about an hour per day now. Not bad for a 97-year-old one might say, but everything […]

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Tonopah Saturday

Time for another market Saturday at Tonopah Rob’s. I was pretty lazy today and only helped a little with the CSA boxes: There wasn’t that much to pack this time and the guys had it under control. I had brought my drop spindle and chatted with several people, including Steve who mans the market welcome […]

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