Life after Work


After talking about it for a quite a while I finally posted two items on Ebay – two collectible figures from the movie Princess Mononoke, San riding on Moro and Ashitaka riding on Yakkul. Let’s see how it goes… Update: Both sold – I even came out with a little profit! I’ll try to sell […]

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Meet the Cotswolds

I found out recently that there is a farm with Cotswold sheep not to far away from us, in Wilhoit (outside of Prescott) . John tried to surprise me by ordering some fiber for me, however since I hadn’t specified “washed” or “unwashed” he decided to change plans and arranged a visit to High Castle […]

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This is Mr. Shah, I also called him Naveen uncle. Mr. Shah is the father of our friends Rinku and Krupesh. He passed away yesterday after battling numerous health challenges. I joined Sonal tonight and attended the evening prayer at the Shah residence. This was my first experience of Hindu rites in this aspect. Family […]

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Card, card, card

That huge sack of churro fleece had been staring at me for quite some time so I decided to finally get serious about turning it into some yarn. I carded for hours and only got about half of the big fleece turned into batts and those have to go through a few more times, too. This is […]

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Board Meeting Day

Today I attended a board meeting of the AZ Federation of Weavers and Spinners Guilds. I help them out with their website and volunteered to hook them up with online registration for next year’s Fibers Through Time conference. Paypal, here I come! We met at the Crowne Plaza near Metro Center, the location of FTT […]

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County Fair!

Celia had told me that one of her riding students was going to compete in the Maricopa County Fair with her pig and I thought – why not check it out? Today finally was the grand day. John picked me up from the office at 2.45 PM and we made our way to the fairgrounds. […]

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Temporary passport arrived!

Wow, that went fast! Next, I’m going to have to travel to LA for a day because I need to show up in person to get fingerprinted for the “permanent” passport. The instructions on how to set up an appointment for the fingerprinting are somewhat cryptic, but I’ll call the 800-number tomorrow to find out what my […]

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Easter in Santa Barbara

We just got back from S.B. where we visited our Aunt and Uncle for the first time since last year. We felt a little nervous about how they’d be but were pleasantly surprised how well they were doing given the circumstance. We left Phoenix Friday midday and reached La Casa B. around 10.15 PM, a […]

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Sew difficult!

I’m still not done with that skirt! I didn’t have a lot of time on the weekend and I have a hard time sewing in the night – the light on the machine isn’t very bright and I don’t have an adequate table lamp at this point. So I forced myself to proceed with the waist facing […]

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Taking more things off the list

Last week I reached a milestone when I finally sent off the remaining paperwork for my German passport to the embassy in Los Angeles. Friends may remember that I initially applied for this a couple of years ago since my passport expired in the late 90s (!). Let’s just say it hasn’t been a priority? […]

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