Life after Work

Trying to sew

Inspired by Kristin, another Yarn School alum, I got a book from the library that teaches sewing skirts without patterns. Since I already know I have to return the book soon (can’t extend it, it is that popular) I dragged John into Joann’s to go fabric and notion shopping yesterday. I didn’t really get started […]

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Reading on

A few weeks ago I pulled a bunch of books from the shelves, and created two stacks, one that could go to the library right away, and one which I want to read one more time. Since then I’ve read a book about historic poisoners (think: Cesare Borgia), a biography of Isabelle Eberhardt, Der Vorleser from […]

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I was about to log in and blog some more, but WorkPress wouldn’t let me in. That’s when I actually pulled up my site and saw the mess. A quick call to my hosting provider and 15 minutes later the latest backup was restored, and my blog returned with only a couple of entries missing. […]

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What on earth could this be?

Last year my mom brought this along when she came for a visit. She may even have told me then what it is for but I forgot. And she did, too, because I tried to describe to her on the phone and she can’t remember it at all. Before I toss it, I though… maybe […]

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Trip to Ikea

We had planned to make this an “away” weekend, but exhaustion overwhelmed us and we stayed home. John still working on sorting out all our audio files, me tinkering in the knitting and crafting departments. Today we visited Ikea to finally buy a replacement for our clothes drying rack. Would you believe that our metal drying […]

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