Life after Work

Productive Sunday

I woke up feeling poorly, with a headache and the beginnings of a sore throat, accompanied by that peculiar taste in my mouth that is the harbinger of a upcoming cold. However, except for the headache which decided to stick around until the afternoon, it didn’t get any worse than that. John felt similar and […]

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Lunch walking again

Started walking at lunch again, with Karen, for half an hour, usually at 11.30. Today I also wore my blue tie-dyed silk shawl for the first time which I had dyed at the Fiber Frolic with indigo.

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Checked and found Cochineal bugs

I finally walked around the corner to check out the white patches on the prickly pear cactus patches in front of the car dealership near my office – lo and behold, they really are cochineal bugs! Now the question is – can I harvest and prep them myself?

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Veterans License Plate

On our way to Starbucks we stopped behind a car with a Pearl Harbor Survivor license plate. I’ve seen veterans plates before but had no idea there are several types. Made me curious enough to check it out online. There is the “plain” veterans plate, of course, but also specific ones, such as the Pear Harbor Survivor, […]

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Travel Planning

John is kicking the planning of our Summer trip with my mother into high gear. There is a moment when the vague notion of us going somewhere is turning into a concrete dates and he becomes a number/date/map cruncher. For about a week all he does is look at maps, event calendars, scenic byways, hotels, […]

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