Life after Work

Welcome Home, John

Finally! John came back home today from Santa Barbara! Weird how it takes a day to get used to having another person around. But I’m so happy he’s back, even though it is only for a few days (he’s scheduled to leave after voting next Tuesday.

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Happy Diwali!

Today was India’s festival of lights, Diwali and also the start of the new year for parts of India, including Gujarat, home state of most of our Indian friends. Last Diwalis we have visited Sonal’s store to wish her a happy Diwali and New Year and watch/help Rinku draw a rangoli on the pavement in front of the store. This […]

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Back home

I left Elaine’s house a couple hours after breakfast and made it home in the early afternoon. At some point I got really tired and even had to resort to chewing gum to stay focused, so I swung by Dutch Brothers for a latte before I got home. I carried my wheel, bag, and new […]

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Southwest Fiber Festival!

Elaine and I loaded the spinning gear into the van with Rick’s help and took off to Amado right after an early breakfast. The festival was at the Amado Territorial Inn, which has guest rooms as well as a restaurant. About 10 years ago as it turned out, John, my mother, and I had dinner […]

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Driving down to Tucson

I’m going to attend two workshops at the Southwest Fiber Festival tomorrow, so I drove down to Tucson to spend the night at Elaine Ross’s house. Elaine is the president of the Arizona Federation of Weavers and Spinners Guilds and graciously invited me to stay the weekend at her beautiful home so I could drive […]

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Murphy likes fiber too

I finally got started on the yarn I was going to make for my sister. I dyed this roving ages ago (i.e. at Yarn School Spring 08) and it was about time! Turns out, Murphy really enjoyed the colorful playground I created for her on the living room floor. She usually saves this level of wild abandon […]

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Chicago to Phoenix

No photo today, somehow we rarely take photos on the day we fly home and our vacation comes to an abrupt halt. There is something to be said about driving because the transition is so much smoother. However, without flying we wouldn’t have been able to explore upper Michigan, so it goes.

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Crawfordsville to Chicago

After a pre-sunrise breakfast we left Crawfordsville for Turkey Run State Park and found us there much too early for our canoe ride. To pass time we opted for a drive through a bunch of the covered bridges for which this area is so famous for. We managed to find about 5 before circling back […]

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Niles to Crawfordsville

We crawled out of bed and had breakfast at the American Pancake House just south of the Indiana stateline, then swung through South Bend and Elkhart to get started on our scenic drive through the Amish countryside. First stop was the history Bonneyville Mill near Goshen, followed by some of the obvious “sights” such as the Amish bakery, cheese factory, […]

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Frankfort to Niles

After breakfast at Frankfort’s Crescent Bakery we headed north for a short drive to the Point Betsy Lighthouse, then returned briefly to Frankfort where I filled up a bottle of water from the local mineral springs and hunted down a few locally made “Frankfort” stickers. Finally on the way south we stopped for some apples […]

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