Life after Work

Woman in the Mist

John and I went for a walk early on the Santa Barbara beach early in the morning when we saw her. John told me he’d seen her before at the beach, pulling her wheeled bag across the sand. At first he thought she was reciting poetry or was an actress practicing for a role, but […]

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Flying Out to S.B.

I left work early so that I could drive down to the airport and catch a flight to Burbank. This was the first time I drove myself there and it was pretty unnerving, but I’m getting better at dealing with freeway traffic so it went just fine. Of course I had given myself way too […]

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Giving up on rugs for now

With John gone there is no way I can finish these rugs by myself. For some time I tried to put all my effort into weaving, but it just wasn’t fast enough. Fiber Factor called because we are already 10 days late to return the loom past the grace period and it just was too […]

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Driving Practice – Phoenix Market – Photo Forum – Buffalo Exchange

I got up early and drove down to the Phoenix Public Market to meet Celia, Jimmie, and Pam. This was the first time I drove myself downtown; I was really nervous but I stared at all my destinations on Google streetview until I felt I knew where I was going. My hands were still tingly […]

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I didn’t feel like going home and being alone so I decided to try drumming again. AZ Rhythm Connection meets on Friday Nights in a Yoga studio around the corner from my office in the Scottsdale Airpark. We tried this out in Spring when my mother was here and I enjoyed it a lot. Frank was happy to see […]

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Going Home – Alone

It was tough to leave John in Santa Barbara but I had to go back to work. On the way to Burbank we stopped at the beach near Sea Cliff for a moment to gaze at the surf. The weather was just brilliant. I arrived at the office midday, finished the work day and then […]

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Uncle Woody’s Surgery

This morning John and I took off to Santa Barbara together early in the day with another rental car. The office graciously gave me a couple days off so I can stay until Monday (I’ll fly home). Leaving so early allowed us to make great time. When we arrived Uncle Woody was out of surgery […]

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Bad news

Today, the day before John was supposed to come home from Santa Barbara, Uncle Woody fell and broke his hip. He was reaching for the sliding glass door in the kitchen, leaning precariously on his walker, and it just slid out from under him. Needless to say, this is awful for someone his age.

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John Off to S.B.

True to his word, John drove off to Santa Barbara to stay for a week with our Uncle and Aunt. This time he’s taking his computer because he is planning to use any extra time to update photo tags. Also, he bought Spore and is probably going to be addicted to playing it for a while, […]

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Labor Day Weekend in Santa Barbara

It was high time for us to return to S.B. for a visit and what could be better than a long weekend? To make things easier on us we didn’t leave Friday afternoon to struggle with the traffic but instead got up early Saturday morning and had a good drive without any problems. We spent the […]

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