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Khushbu and Saurin’s Baby Shower

Wile John drove out to the farm stand I finished the baby top, sewed buttons on, and washed it. I’m still pretty excited about it because, albeit tiny, this is the first article of clothing with buttons I have ever finished knitting. Then I devoted a few hours to weaving until John got home and it was […]

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Baby top almost done

I found out yesterday that the baby celebration (it isn’t really like an American baby shower) is on Saturday! This Saturday! Luckily I’m almost done. I finished the embroidery and took care of the hanging threads last night. And at 8.30 PM we drove over to the nearest Joann store so that I could pick out […]

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Calamity resolved

Our house guest since Sunday, the portable A/C unit that our apartment complex lent us, left us this morning because our A/C is working again. Yesterday late afternoon, A/C repair man arrived and heroically climbed up our crawlspace (not an easy feat when it is 140 F in there). He found out that the coils of […]

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Tour de Fleece 2008

I came across a new challenge, La Tour de Fleece. Participators set themselves a spinning goal and try to attain it while the Tour de France is going on. I’m a bit late because the tour started last weekend but I’m going to try to reach my goal anyway. I decided to challenge myself to […]

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Earlier today we realized the apartment was hotter than usual. John inspected the A/C and found out it was frozen. He borrowed a water hose from a guy who was cleaning blood from the walkways in the apartment complex (apparently some drunk guy went on a rampage last night and broke through some people’s windows – […]

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Picklemania 2008

As canning season continues, John brought home another huge load of tomatoes, bell peppers, and chile peppers from Rob’s farm today. Last year he made pickled peppers and they turned out really nice, so tonight, to ensure the peppers would be as fresh as they could be, we sliced about 20 pounds of bell peppers and ended up […]

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fiber,roving,handpainting,dyeing,acid dye

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Going solo making yogurt

Celia gave me about 2/3 of a quart of goat milk yesterday so what do I do? Make yogurt! I followed instructions and used 2 frozen yogurt cubes from the first batch as starter. I started around 9 AM and curiosity got the better of me around 4 PM. It is pretty liquidy but tastes wonderful. […]

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Hanging out at Chile Acres

Today, John and I headed out to Tonopah, but he dropped me of with Celia and Jimmie before joining Rob and Jerry at the farm. I helped out with watering and feeding and a few other chores (including bottle feeding Jaanu, one of John’s goat kids) before we made curds from goat milk and tried out John’s new cheese […]

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Goat Mango Lassi

Thanks to our homemade goat yogurt bounty I’ve had mango lassi for breakfast every day this week, using mangos that I froze last year during mango season at Lee Lee’s as well as some fresh ones that John picked up (apparently mango season is on again now). To make mango lassi I pretty much just […]

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