Life after Work

Weaving Class Part 3

This is my third weaving class, this time with Celia and John. Tonight we worked on our warps so that we can create the heddles next week and get weaving. This is the biggest group yet – 8 people. Lucky for us and instructor Sharie, Mary Walker of Weaving in Beauty likes to hang out […]

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Tour de Fleece – done!

My goal for the Tour de Fleece 2008 was to see if I could spin approx. 4 oz of merino superwash with a drop spindle while finishing as many other things as I could, and I succeeded! I mostly used my spindle on the way to and from work and occasionally at home or when […]

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Dinner with Rinku’s Family

Tonight we were invited for dinner at Rinku’s house. As we stepped in, everyone was, of course, surprised because they had never seen John without beard. Rinku couldn’t stop laughing of course. We watched Rinku’s engagement video, which was very well done with nice music and made me tear up just a little. Our little […]

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Tour de Fleece, Week 2

Yay, about 3/4 done with my spinning! I also plied a skein of wool that I had already spun and was sitting around on bobbins. In rug news, I am about 1/2 inch away from the top of John’s rug which sets me behind my goal. Hopefully I’ll be able to finish it by Tuesday.

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A busy day

Today we rolled out of bed before 4 AM to drive out to Tonopah. The Farm Stand was not quite as busy as it had been – not surprisingly considering the heat and humidity. I loaded up the boxes for the CSAs right away, but it took uncharacteristically long for the local folks to come […]

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The beard is gone!

John had been thinking about shaving off the beard for a while and decided tonight was a good time. It was very strange to see him so changed at first, as if the bottom half of his face had been switched with someone else’s. Right after the deed we headed over to Indo Euro where […]

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Summer Treats

This time of the year is jackfruit season at Lee Lee, a Vietnamese grocery store in the Phoenix area. You don’t have to buy an entire fruit, the guys can chop and wrap as much as you’d like to take home. John bought me a tray full because he knows I don’t care for the […]

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New Fridge Magnet Holder

  OK, so this is really our new freezer, but the first thing I said upon seeing it in the corner next to John’s desk was “does it hold magnets?” and of course it did. Next, I peeled off all those magnets from the side of our fridge that couldn’t fit in the front anymore […]

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Tour de Fleece, Week 1

I finished 1oz (27g) of my merino superwash top, that’s not too bad considering that I had a late start and was busy with the baby top. I also managed to sneak in a couple of inches of rug weaving, yay!

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My drinking buddy

I don’t remember ever catching Murphy drinking from my glass, but she really went for this one, probably because of the ice cubes. The flavor (very diluted raspberry shrub concentrate) must have been nice for her as well, because I often put ice cubes into her bowl and she doesn’t seem to care much about […]

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