Life after Work

Dyeing on a Sunday Afternoon

Celia was able to make it out our way today, for lunch and an afternoon of fiber dyeing. Last year I got some acid dye samples in “primary colors” (red, yellow, blue, and black) and they were finally put to use. Before Celia arrived I mixed up the dye stock solution according to instructions. John […]

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Spinning Practice – Long Draw

I did some sorting of the stash corner yesterday and came across two batts of wool/wool mix that I got from Nikol last year (I think they were included in my goody box when I bought my Fricke wheel) and decided it was time to seriously practice spinning a woolen yarn, using a long draw technique. It […]

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Sheep is Life in Tuba City

We got up at 5 AM after almost oversleeping because I accidentally had set the alam clock to 4.45 PM. Luckily John has been turning into the human alarm recently! Driving up North was pleasant and we arrived at the Sheep is Life celebration in Tuba City around 9.30 AM. As we approached, John said, “If this is it […]

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Not Going to Flagstaff

We were supposed to drive up to Flagstaff tonight so we wouldn’t have to drive so much tomorrow when we’re visiting the Sheep is Life event in Tuba City. However… John called a few motels about room prices and the rates were outrageous! Super 8 rooms for 90-ish Dollars!? After a while we resigned ourselves to […]

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Goat Roping a Go Go

As usual we got out early to drive out to Tonopah to help Rob with the Farm Stand. However, the highlight of today was a short hop over to Chile Acres once I was done with the CSA boxes for the local pickups. Celia and Jimmie were not due home until later today and Mary […]

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The Car is Dead, Long Live the Car!

Yesterday morning our 2006 Hyundai Accent bit the dust. I had just stepped out the car into the parking lot at my office and John was driving away when the car just croaked. John tried to start it a couple of times, unsuccessfully, and then we pushed it into parking spot. Alan, one of my […]

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Last weekend I spun up the first half of my hemp roving, inspired and encouraged by the hemp spin along in my ravelry group (garden spinning group, yay!). Sadly, the result feels very much like spun straw, or the twine that you’d use to tie up packages. I think I have to learn how to do […]

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Finally – some finished projects

I managed to finish a crochet hat and a headband, both made out of my very first handspun yarn. About time! The hat is based on a pattern from the book “Stitch ‘N Bitch Crochet: The Happy Hooker”. I used the first yarn I spun, the first fiber I dyed, and some other handpainted fiber that I spun at […]

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Weaving Homework

I didn’t finish my rug in time for the last class tonight, but it doesn’t really matter, I know what to do. The next class doesn’t start until July so I have plenty of time. I’ll repeat the pattern from the bottom, this time really focussing on keeping even tension. You can see how the […]

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