Life after Work

Ich trenne einen Pullover auf

Hier sitze ich am Esstisch – rechts sieht man eins der Sets -und trenne einen Pullover von Tante Caroline auf, den sie mit einem schoenen muster in ihrer wenigen freien Zeit gehaekelt hat. Leider sass er – angezogen – nicht so gut, wie er sollte, was fuer eine Entaeuschung! In anderen Nachrichten: Heute ist wunderbares Wetter! Die Sonne scheint […]

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Worm update: Thriving

You may or may not have been wondering what our bunch of wigglers has been up to. Based on the activity I can see they are doing well and with all the veg activity we’ve had lots to feed them (we’ve had to throw away scraps actually because of lack of fridge space and I’m […]

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School’s Out!

This is a well plate with part of my last homework project for the Chem lab. The little dots are all solutions of vinegar or ammonia in varying concentrations mixed with red cabbage juice indicator. It turned out kind of pretty! On the other hand, I can’t believe it is over, no homework, no class […]

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