Life after Work

Mom’s here!

My mother arrived tonight, tired, but happy. Lucky us, nothing went wrong this time with her flight or customs. We’ll let her blog in German so her 7-year-old granddaughter can read about her Grannie Jutta. I’ll continue sporadically, as usual.

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COM100 is done!

Wrote the final tonight, got an A in the class. Yay, only chemistry is left!

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Homework Sunday

Yet another Sunday busy with schoolwork. I’m so glad this is nearing the end, or at least a break until I start with the bachelor or other classes. First I finally recorded my speech for COM100, then I worked on some chemistry labs. The “big” experiment today was to crush alka-seltzer tabs, fill them into […]

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Indigo experiment I

I love indigo blue and the Mister found pre-reduced indigo for me to experiment with. The cool thing about this is that you don’t have to go through all kinds of chemical experiments to come up with your dye vat. The way John described it, it couldn’t be any easier: “The lady on the phone said, just put […]

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The end of the fast is nigh

Yesterday we decided to make this our last lemonade day of the fast. John has been getting so involved into menu planning so that all he could think about was food and eating. This was very frustrating for him to say the least! I didn’t have that problem because I’m so distracted with all kinds […]

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Kool-Aid dyeing for the first time

Finally, I tried out my own dye lab (courtesy of Mr. Wise). I split 8 oz. of superwash merino top in half, soaked it in vinegar water, mixed up several flavors of kool-aid and poured it on. I didn’t do any color mixing I just wanted to see how the colors would come out straight […]

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Fasting at work

I’m doing well, surprisingly well. No hunger pangs, no headaches. The salt water flush is annoying of course, but other than that, everything is fine. At this point we’re wondering if we shouldn’t hold out for a total of 7 days, which really would be 9 days before we’re back on solids because after 7 days of […]

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Happy New Year

We’re on the second day of our cleanse and are just taking things easy. This is going to be a fun year, my mom will arrive in 23 days, I’ll be done with my associates degree shortly thereafter, having fun with crafts, learning to spin, traveling, loving life.

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