Life after Work

Last Noches De Las Luminarias

For the last two years we have attended the lumaria nights at the Botanical Garden and loved them. We would stroll through the park and enjoy all those different musical groups, most of them acoustic. There were people playing banjo, viola, guitar, American Indian flute, harp, a gospel group, a handbell choir, a barbershop quartet […]

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Finally Forty

So I finally made it. I turned 40 years old today. I am my old man’s old lady, one could say. But frankly, I feel great, better than ever. And John came up with a huge surprise that really helped sweeten the deal. Yes, in spite of giving me the speech a couple weeks ago […]

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Still sick, but seeing the light

I was back at work for the full day today and mostly fine except for some extensive sneeze and cough fests. My favorite moment was on the phone with a colleague were I couldn’t get out an entire sentence because of the coughing and tossing the receiver back and forth so I wouldn’t cough into […]

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John got a cold/cough after we came back from Oregon. I thought it would pass me by even thought just about everybody in the office was sniffling. Well, now I’ve got it. In true form, it started on Friday and I’ve been in and out of bed all weekend. I’m trying to finish a couple more […]

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Learning to spin

I finally got some quality time at the wheel today. After several hours of frustration, struggling, handwringing, and nearly freaking John out, I reached the point again where I get a continuous thread (not very even, yet, of course). Predrafting really helped, because the roving I’m using has some felty spots. And I don’t just […]

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