Life after Work

Starting a cleanse!

Yesterday the Mister suggested we try out the master cleanse. We bought supplies (maple syrup, senna leaf tea) at night and here we are, managing the first day without any problems. Kind of exciting.

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Brown two-ply yarn

I don’t actually remember what kind of roving it was and whether I got it at yarn school or not. Bad, bad, job. I do believe everything else is labeled though, and stashed away neatly. Anyway, this is yarn I made after my tutoring. It is a lot more even but I am still struggling […]

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Homemade pillow cases

Since our old pillow cases started to look less than threadbare I have been saying I would use my sewing machine to make some new ones. This means I’ve been talking about it for a few months now. Well, I finally did it. I had this colorful bug print cotton fabric (thanks, Ruby and Axel), […]

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My Private Spinning Lesson

Today John drove us out to Mesa where I attended a 2-hour one-on-one session with Barbara at the Fiber Factory. This is such a nice store, I wish it was closer so I could attend real classes sometimes. John of course had talked to the people there several times while shopping for birthday gifts and so they recognized him […]

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Solvang Diversion

After another early morning MacDonalds trip we left Santa Barbara to drive home to Phoenix by way of the “Danish town” Solvang, north of S.B. Some might say Solvang is a bit of tourist trap, but it is definitly nice to see a town that is NOT looking like any other town. The old town is full of little shops, pastry places, and […]

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After breakfast at Cajun Kitchen for the second time this trip we did the usual stuff, like one more Costco stop and the park, but there was also something different and special this time. On the way back to the house we noticed a nervous dog by the side of the road at a busy […]

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Sunday in S.B.

We got up early to go to MacDonalds with Uncle Woody and Aunt Annie. Every workday they meet friends there when the place opens at 5 AM. Aunt Annie had taken off that day but we picked up their friend Boyd on the way because we were dropping him off at the Amtrak station later […]

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Left for Santa Barbara

It seemed like we hadn’t done the drive in ages. We left in the morning, not quite as early as we’d originally planned, but oh well. We stopped for lunch at the North Woods Inn in Covina. John surprised me by not ordering the Lumberjack Steak as usual, but the neverending cheese toast and salads […]

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My first plied handspun

I’ve yet to upload a photo but I managed to spin two bobbins and ply them, my very first 2-ply! I used some pink dyed stuff from yarn school and it looks nice for a first effort. Unfortunately the singles were kind of loose so that they kept falling apart during the plying. I better practice a lot […]

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Ready for the Holidays

I am done with my Chemistry midterm (92%!!!) and have submitted all homework up to the 7th of January so we can escape to Santa Barbara over Christmas. I can’t wait to  be done with these classes!

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