Life after Work

Yay, Wheel!

My Fricke spinning wheel was delivered today by UPS. John and I put it together after dinner. I tried it out, but it is obvious that I need a lot more practice. I’m getting some books from the library tomorrow to help me with potential pitfalls. I don’t really have that much time to indulge in […]

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Yay, Fiber!

Today my big box of fiber goodies arrived from Harveyville, Kansas. Some of it I ordered, some of it Nikol sent as a thank-you for ordering my Fricke from her (thank you, Nikol!) John is feeling a little overwhelmed with how much stash I have now, I’m afraid. There’s a lot of undyed fiber, and I’m […]

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Almost on vacation

I’m so excited because tomorrow we’ll be on our way to the Oregon coast. This seems to become an annual thing with us and I can’t wait. Now I only have to shove odds and ends (mostly knitting) into my backpack and then try to find some sleep, because we have to get up around […]

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Another good Bollywood Flick

We drove out to the Tempe Dollar Theatre to see “Om Shanti Om” with Shah Rukh Khan and thoroughly enjoyed it. Another fun film directed by Farah Khan (Main Hoon Na). Since this movie was about people in the film industry in the 70s and today there were a ton of movie references and spoofs, […]

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Piano Concerto

Some time ago we bought a bunch of tickets for events at the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts. Tonight was the first event, a performance by pianist Gabriella Moreno from Venezuela. During the first half she played a number of pieces by Chopin, after the intermission she did some improvisations based on themes suggested by […]

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Too HOT!!!

I just came back from my midday walk and it must be close to 90 F/32 C degrees (the “official” temperature is 82 F/28C). I’m melting!!! This time of year we should be in the mid-70s F (or lower 20s C).

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Worm update

The worms are slowly ingesting their bedding. We tried adding some food but I don’t think it was chopped small enough and we also didn’t mix it in with the bedding well, so it got a bit smelly and we removed it. Tonight we are going to blend some more food waste so it is […]

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Not so mellow yellow Limoncello

Beginning of September I started my trial batch of limoncello by pouring 750ml of Everclear and 750ml Vodka into a large jar and stirring the peel of 30 or so lemons in. Tonight was the night to open the jar, strain the liquid (which has a very beautiful golden color) and add freshly boiled syrup […]

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Found again

After spending all day indoors we decided to go for a “walk” at Barnes & Noble at Desert Ridge. I picked up a latte, perused some crochet and spinning magazines and then wandered the aisles. On my way from the bargains to the craft section I ran into Laura, her hubby Don, and their cute […]

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Tonopah Rob’s Garden of Eatin

We took a little drive today to visit Tonopah Rob’s farm out in – almost the middle of nowhere. It wasn’t difficult to find after we turned off I-10 at 339th Avenue; the directions were clear. At the farm stand we spent some time chatting with Jerry, Rob’s friend and help, then Rob took us around and […]

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