Life after Work


After a delicious dinner of kadhai paneer (yummy indian dish with bell peppers and indian cheese) the Mister and I cut, shredded, and packed our crock with 9 cabbage heads. Not that I want to blow my horn or something, but I’m quite the virtuoso on the mandolin slicer. I can’t believe that I tried to talk John […]

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From frog to snail

Our old IKEA snail bathroom rug has been falling apart for a while, so we picked up a new froggy one at CostPlus yesterday. I didn’t realize that this critter has some kind of rash or freckles, but, oh well, it is cute and soft. Before: After:

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My handspun!

I’ve been meaning to post something about Yarn School. John and I spent a few days in Harveyville, KS where I attended a workshop for spinning with a bunch of really interesting women and had loads of fun. This is one of the skeins that I dyed and spun myself. I washed it, finally, last […]

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No more pain

Back pain from our old mattress, that is. I’ve been mentioning this to the Mister for quite some time, but only recently, since his sleeping patterns improved, had he noticed it, too. Our custom-made mattress, made by the Futon Favorite folks, arrived yesterday and is wonderful! Finally a morning without knots in the neck and shoulders. Here […]

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Mostly work and not a lot of play

Somehow this Sunday just slid right through my fingers. I worked on a paper for school for hours but because I had such a hard time with it I kept distracting myself from it which wasted some time. Having a headache didn’t make it any easier either. This one is about the movie “Fifth Element,” the last paper […]

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Chak De!

For the first time in we can’t remember we drove to Tempe for a hindi film. We saw “Chak De India” with Sharukh Khan, Bollywood heart throb. This film is located somewhere between “Hoosiers” and “A League of Their Own” but set in India and centering around girls playing field hockey (Chak De means “Go!” in […]

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Hello world!

I left the default headline for my first post, because it is fitting. This is my first attempt at blogging, not really for the world but mostly for myself, as an exercise in keeping track of my time and experiences. Setting this baby up was embarassingly easy! After signing up for my site at […]

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