Life after Work

Gnats, not flies

The bin is still infested, but I found out, thanks to this blog, that those things are fungus gnats, not fruit flies. One dead giveaway was that they were not interested in fruit (duh!). Luckily, since they are mostly interested in moist dirt, they’ve been hanging out in the bin a lot. I hope to […]

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Found a few more worms

I found about half a dozen worms in the bottom tray, maybe that’s a sign there are more in other corners of the trays. I did feed a bit in the hope they will multiply again, but there really is no need to rush re-populating the bin. Unfortunately the flies are still there, though. I had set […]

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Are they gone?

I ground up a bunch of veg garbage from recent salads for worm dinner tonight and buried about a pound in a corner in the top tray. I only saw one or two worms in the vicinity so I lifted the top tray to peer into the bottom one and compared to Sunday’s mega-party it appeared […]

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Fruit Flies!!!

We were doing the major cleaning thing this Sunday morning when John noticed that what I recently thought were “a few beetle-like things” on the worm box had turned into the beginning of a fruit fly infestation. He immediately shoved the box outside and I took the top tray to the garbage dumpster to peel […]

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Worm update: Thriving

You may or may not have been wondering what our bunch of wigglers has been up to. Based on the activity I can see they are doing well and with all the veg activity we’ve had lots to feed them (we’ve had to throw away scraps actually because of lack of fridge space and I’m […]

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Worm update

The worms are slowly ingesting their bedding. We tried adding some food but I don’t think it was chopped small enough and we also didn’t mix it in with the bedding well, so it got a bit smelly and we removed it. Tonight we are going to blend some more food waste so it is […]

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Worm update

I came home after work and immediately checked on the wigglers. Everything was calm, no slithering about whatsoever. I had to poke around gently to see a worm. This is normal, since the worms are nocturnal, but I sure can’t wait to see some feeding activity in there. I know I’m a worry wart, but […]

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Our new pets arrived

Move over Murph, here come the worms. We finally took the plunge and invested in a state-of-the-art worm box and 1 pound of worms, courtesy of Robert at Canyonland Worms. We met Robert last weekend at the Roadrunner Park Farmers Market and everything just seemed right for us to make the move. Ever since we’ve […]

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