Life after Work

More heddles than you can shake a stick at

Sorry, couldn’t resist the pun! Since I decided to try a two-faced rug this time I needed to use three heddles along with my shed stick as opposed to only one. Two-faced rugs have a different design or pattern on each side and are thicker than usual rugs (they are traditionally used for saddle blankets). The […]

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Weaving Class Part 3

This is my third weaving class, this time with Celia and John. Tonight we worked on our warps so that we can create the heddles next week and get weaving. This is the biggest group yet – 8 people. Lucky for us and instructor Sharie, Mary Walker of Weaving in Beauty likes to hang out […]

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Spinning Practice – Long Draw

I did some sorting of the stash corner yesterday and came across two batts of wool/wool mix that I got from Nikol last year (I think they were included in my goody box when I bought my Fricke wheel) and decided it was time to seriously practice spinning a woolen yarn, using a long draw technique. It […]

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Last weekend I spun up the first half of my hemp roving, inspired and encouraged by the hemp spin along in my ravelry group (garden spinning group, yay!). Sadly, the result feels very much like spun straw, or the twine that you’d use to tie up packages. I think I have to learn how to do […]

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Weaving Homework

I didn’t finish my rug in time for the last class tonight, but it doesn’t really matter, I know what to do. The next class doesn’t start until July so I have plenty of time. I’ll repeat the pattern from the bottom, this time really focussing on keeping even tension. You can see how the […]

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We drove back out to Tonopah to spend more time with Celia and Jimmie at Chile Acres and, more importantly, for some shooting practice for me. I’ve always considered that I should try shooting a gun while I have the opportunity here in the US and this was a good one. Jimmie owns several firearms that […]

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Weaving homework

Here are my first 5 inches of rug mark II. I certainly learned a few things and I’m pleased with how it is turning out, but I’m curious about that big dip in the middle. I wonder if the warp is too spaced out in those areas. I’ll find out at tonight’s class! Also, I […]

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Weaving class, 2nd lesson

Tonight we tied our warps on our looms, made heddles, wound yarn on shuttles and got started weaving. Never mind if you didn’t get all that, it’s just weaver lingo. Two things were very exciting for me: 1) John was doing well, enjoying himself while appreciating the challenge and 2) I got to use our […]

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Graduation! Finally!

It’s done! The ceremony lasted longer than I thought and I managed not to trip or drop my mortar board while walking on stage. After receiving my “degree” from college president Kickels I am shown here shaking hands with former AZ senator Dennis De Concini. I’d never heard of him before, but he was a good […]

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School’s Out!

This is a well plate with part of my last homework project for the Chem lab. The little dots are all solutions of vinegar or ammonia in varying concentrations mixed with red cabbage juice indicator. It turned out kind of pretty! On the other hand, I can’t believe it is over, no homework, no class […]

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