Life after Work

New Years Weekend

I celebrated New Years Eve with my very own tradition – I called my mother in Frankfurt about 5 minutes before their midnight – then she opened the windows just in time for me to hear the people on her street go crazy with firecrackers and rockets while clicking through Frankfurt webcams to find fireworks […]

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Birthday Weekend

We left around 6 AM on Saturday morning for the Grand Canyon. John was really worried about the weather because a lot of snow was expected at the South Rim but we arrived just fine, although the last miles were tense for him. (Since it has been many years that he’s driven in snow on […]

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Thanksgiving Weekend

John and I stayed home for the long weekend for the first time in quite some time, instead of heading to the Oregon Coast and its yurts. While that felt a little strange we also had our fun with the mini vacations to the East Coast and the Florida Keys and I was looking forward […]

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I won! Almost!

Friday night John and I drove to Tucson because I was going to attend a spinning class and spend some time (and money, ha!) at the Southwest Fiber Festival in Amado. Like last year I was going to stay over the weekend with Elaine (former president of the AZ Federation of Weavers and Spinners Guilds) who also taught my class. John […]

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Photo bag is ready!

Just in time for our vacation I finished the baggie for my camera (a Canon power shot SD1100). It is a miniature version of Percy on I spun this yarn on my friend Sandy’s wheel when I spent a weekend in Prescott recently. The batt was a “Batt out of Hell” which I had received in my […]

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Southwest Fiber Festival!

Elaine and I loaded the spinning gear into the van with Rick’s help and took off to Amado right after an early breakfast. The festival was at the Amado Territorial Inn, which has guest rooms as well as a restaurant. About 10 years ago as it turned out, John, my mother, and I had dinner […]

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Driving down to Tucson

I’m going to attend two workshops at the Southwest Fiber Festival tomorrow, so I drove down to Tucson to spend the night at Elaine Ross’s house. Elaine is the president of the Arizona Federation of Weavers and Spinners Guilds and graciously invited me to stay the weekend at her beautiful home so I could drive […]

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Murphy likes fiber too

I finally got started on the yarn I was going to make for my sister. I dyed this roving ages ago (i.e. at Yarn School Spring 08) and it was about time! Turns out, Murphy really enjoyed the colorful playground I created for her on the living room floor. She usually saves this level of wild abandon […]

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Productive Weekend

I spun and plied a batt I made myself at Yarn School in Spring. The thing with this batt was that I already spun half of it but I hated how it turned out so thick. I wondered – can it be respun? And it worked! I pulled it apart in pieces of about 1 […]

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Tour de Fleece – done!

My goal for the Tour de Fleece 2008 was to see if I could spin approx. 4 oz of merino superwash with a drop spindle while finishing as many other things as I could, and I succeeded! I mostly used my spindle on the way to and from work and occasionally at home or when […]

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