Life after Work

Weather! In Phoenix!

It has been raining most of the day which is rare in Phoenix. Usually it rains for a short time in a small area then stops. In the evening the winds kicked up and just now we had some fierce winds whipping through the trees next to the house. We heard noise and opened the […]

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Trip to Ikea

We had planned to make this an “away” weekend, but exhaustion overwhelmed us and we stayed home. John still working on sorting out all our audio files, me tinkering in the knitting and crafting departments. Today we visited Ikea to finally buy a replacement for our clothes drying rack. Would you believe that our metal drying […]

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New Fridge Magnet Holder

  OK, so this is really our new freezer, but the first thing I said upon seeing it in the corner next to John’s desk was “does it hold magnets?” and of course it did. Next, I peeled off all those magnets from the side of our fridge that couldn’t fit in the front anymore […]

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Baby top almost done

I found out yesterday that the baby celebration (it isn’t really like an American baby shower) is on Saturday! This Saturday! Luckily I’m almost done. I finished the embroidery and took care of the hanging threads last night. And at 8.30 PM we drove over to the nearest Joann store so that I could pick out […]

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Calamity resolved

Our house guest since Sunday, the portable A/C unit that our apartment complex lent us, left us this morning because our A/C is working again. Yesterday late afternoon, A/C repair man arrived and heroically climbed up our crawlspace (not an easy feat when it is 140 F in there). He found out that the coils of […]

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Earlier today we realized the apartment was hotter than usual. John inspected the A/C and found out it was frozen. He borrowed a water hose from a guy who was cleaning blood from the walkways in the apartment complex (apparently some drunk guy went on a rampage last night and broke through some people’s windows – […]

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fiber,roving,handpainting,dyeing,acid dye

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Homemade pillow cases

Since our old pillow cases started to look less than threadbare I have been saying I would use my sewing machine to make some new ones. This means I’ve been talking about it for a few months now. Well, I finally did it. I had this colorful bug print cotton fabric (thanks, Ruby and Axel), […]

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Worm update

The worms are slowly ingesting their bedding. We tried adding some food but I don’t think it was chopped small enough and we also didn’t mix it in with the bedding well, so it got a bit smelly and we removed it. Tonight we are going to blend some more food waste so it is […]

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Our new pets arrived

Move over Murph, here come the worms. We finally took the plunge and invested in a state-of-the-art worm box and 1 pound of worms, courtesy of Robert at Canyonland Worms. We met Robert last weekend at the Roadrunner Park Farmers Market and everything just seemed right for us to make the move. Ever since we’ve […]

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