Life after Work

Social Saturday

We got up and out early to spent most of today with our farm friends Rob and Jerry in honor of Jerry’s birthday. After arriving at the farm around 8 AM we had some breakfast, then, after getting various chores done, the four of us piled into our tiny Kia and drove to the movies (Where […]

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Tonopah Saturday

Time for another market Saturday at Tonopah Rob’s. I was pretty lazy today and only helped a little with the CSA boxes: There wasn’t that much to pack this time and the guys had it under control. I had brought my drop spindle and chatted with several people, including Steve who mans the market welcome […]

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Meet the Cotswolds

I found out recently that there is a farm with Cotswold sheep not to far away from us, in Wilhoit (outside of Prescott) . John tried to surprise me by ordering some fiber for me, however since I hadn’t specified “washed” or “unwashed” he decided to change plans and arranged a visit to High Castle […]

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County Fair!

Celia had told me that one of her riding students was going to compete in the Maricopa County Fair with her pig and I thought – why not check it out? Today finally was the grand day. John picked me up from the office at 2.45 PM and we made our way to the fairgrounds. […]

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A busy day

Today we rolled out of bed before 4 AM to drive out to Tonopah. The Farm Stand was not quite as busy as it had been – not surprisingly considering the heat and humidity. I loaded up the boxes for the CSAs right away, but it took uncharacteristically long for the local folks to come […]

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Hanging out at Chile Acres

Today, John and I headed out to Tonopah, but he dropped me of with Celia and Jimmie before joining Rob and Jerry at the farm. I helped out with watering and feeding and a few other chores (including bottle feeding Jaanu, one of John’s goat kids) before we made curds from goat milk and tried out John’s new cheese […]

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Sheep is Life in Tuba City

We got up at 5 AM after almost oversleeping because I accidentally had set the alam clock to 4.45 PM. Luckily John has been turning into the human alarm recently! Driving up North was pleasant and we arrived at the Sheep is Life celebration in Tuba City around 9.30 AM. As we approached, John said, “If this is it […]

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Goat Roping a Go Go

As usual we got out early to drive out to Tonopah to help Rob with the Farm Stand. However, the highlight of today was a short hop over to Chile Acres once I was done with the CSA boxes for the local pickups. Celia and Jimmie were not due home until later today and Mary […]

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The Car is Dead, Long Live the Car!

Yesterday morning our 2006 Hyundai Accent bit the dust. I had just stepped out the car into the parking lot at my office and John was driving away when the car just croaked. John tried to start it a couple of times, unsuccessfully, and then we pushed it into parking spot. Alan, one of my […]

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