Life after Work


When we were out and about on Saturday I had been pretty sniffly and congested – allergies, right? Well it turned out it was a real cold. On Sunday I spent most of the day in bead nursing my headache and trying to avoid coughing. Today I was feeling better but not sure if I […]

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Weather! In Phoenix!

It has been raining most of the day which is rare in Phoenix. Usually it rains for a short time in a small area then stops. In the evening the winds kicked up and just now we had some fierce winds whipping through the trees next to the house. We heard noise and opened the […]

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Guild Meeting Weekend

On Saturday I finally managed to attend a meeting of the Arizona Desert Weavers and Spinners Guild and joined. I had a great time because it was the guild’s annual fundraiser meeting which means that there is an auction of gift baskets compiled by guild members. Vice President Susan Clarke did most of the auctioneering and […]

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Thanksgiving Weekend

John and I stayed home for the long weekend for the first time in quite some time, instead of heading to the Oregon Coast and its yurts. While that felt a little strange we also had our fun with the mini vacations to the East Coast and the Florida Keys and I was looking forward […]

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Our neighbors are scumbags part 54613

A month or so ago new people moved into two of the apartments in the building next to hours. They enjoy socializing on their patios and talking loudly at all hours. Last night though they took the cake and ran with it. They were apparently partying with another neighbor who, allegedly, flipped out after drinking […]

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Back to Blogging

I’m now over 6 months behind with this blog: the last entry was May 19th! Every once in a while I made some half-hearted attempts at writing entries but without publishing them because I felt I needed to publish entries in chronological order. Well, no more of that! What’s the point in having a blog when there’s no […]

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This is Mr. Shah, I also called him Naveen uncle. Mr. Shah is the father of our friends Rinku and Krupesh. He passed away yesterday after battling numerous health challenges. I joined Sonal tonight and attended the evening prayer at the Shah residence. This was my first experience of Hindu rites in this aspect. Family […]

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Board Meeting Day

Today I attended a board meeting of the AZ Federation of Weavers and Spinners Guilds. I help them out with their website and volunteered to hook them up with online registration for next year’s Fibers Through Time conference. Paypal, here I come! We met at the Crowne Plaza near Metro Center, the location of FTT […]

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Temporary passport arrived!

Wow, that went fast! Next, I’m going to have to travel to LA for a day because I need to show up in person to get fingerprinted for the “permanent” passport. The instructions on how to set up an appointment for the fingerprinting are somewhat cryptic, but I’ll call the 800-number tomorrow to find out what my […]

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Taking more things off the list

Last week I reached a milestone when I finally sent off the remaining paperwork for my German passport to the embassy in Los Angeles. Friends may remember that I initially applied for this a couple of years ago since my passport expired in the late 90s (!). Let’s just say it hasn’t been a priority? […]

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