Life after Work

Vacation Day 1: Frederick, MD – Shenandoah National Park – Monticello – Fredericksburg, VA

We had breakfast at the hotel in Frederick, Maryland, dubiously eyeing a mostly grey sky. By the time we reached the northern terminus of Shenandoah National Park’s Skyline Drive a few hours later, the clouds had opened up a little but the big surprise didn’t arrive until we saw blue sky a few miles further on, after gaining a little […]

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Caroline leaves

Unlike with other vacations, this time I actually had a few things going on at work and was busy for the half day I was at the office. Sonal was supposed to pick me up at home on 1 PM and I was actually running a bit late! Then when I got ahold of her […]

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Mom arrives / John leaves

I dropped off John at the airport early in the morning for his flight to Baltimore. From there he drove to Philadelphia to pick up my mom who’s coming in from Frankfurt, Germany. The first thing I did on the way to work was lose my way leaving the airport. I ended up in Tempe […]

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Jessica leaves

The visit that was supposed to only be a day or two turned in into five days, if that’s not a good sign I don’t know what is… Jessica left us today so she could be with her hubby in San Diego. John is whipping up an itinerary for the two of them because after Caleb […]

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Dinner at Rinku’s House

Tonight, Jessica, John, and I were invited to the Shah residence for dinner. It was the first time we visited in a long time and also the first real opportunity to meet Rinku’s fiance Yagnesh. In light of the recent loss of Mr. Shah, everyone had a good time and it was great to see Rinku […]

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Pani Puri Night with Jessica

I think all three of us were a little nervous when Jessica got here – would she be ok staying with us? Would we be ok with her staying here? Would her dog Sparky get along with our cat Murphy? As it turned out, we needn’t worry. We all got on great. The only one […]

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Jessica arrives

Jessica and John had been talking about meeting up in Yuma because she was going to visit friends there on her way to San Diego to meet up with her hubby Caleb (who’s in the Navy). At what seemed to be the last minute, plans changed and she headed directly to Phoenix instead, arriving here shortly before noon. […]

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Visiting Auntie

We finally made it to my mother-in-law’s house today to spend a little time with Aunt Eleanor, John’s great-aunt on his mother’s family’s side. She continues to fade away ever so slowly. She only gets out of bed for about an hour per day now. Not bad for a 97-year-old one might say, but everything […]

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Tonopah Saturday

Time for another market Saturday at Tonopah Rob’s. I was pretty lazy today and only helped a little with the CSA boxes: There wasn’t that much to pack this time and the guys had it under control. I had brought my drop spindle and chatted with several people, including Steve who mans the market welcome […]

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This is Mr. Shah, I also called him Naveen uncle. Mr. Shah is the father of our friends Rinku and Krupesh. He passed away yesterday after battling numerous health challenges. I joined Sonal tonight and attended the evening prayer at the Shah residence. This was my first experience of Hindu rites in this aspect. Family […]

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