Life after Work

New Years Weekend

I celebrated New Years Eve with my very own tradition – I called my mother in Frankfurt about 5 minutes before their midnight – then she opened the windows just in time for me to hear the people on her street go crazy with firecrackers and rockets while clicking through Frankfurt webcams to find fireworks […]

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Christmas Weekend

This was a long weekend… and a great one. We went to the movies to see Princess and the Frog on Christmas Eve which was really nice. On Christmas Day we had lunch with Elizabeth and Alfred from Little Rangoon at Totties 2 and on Saturday night we dined (and enjoyed dessert at Cheesecake Factory) […]

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Our friendly neighborhood caffeine dealers

DH and I have been sporting a Starbucks addiction for the last months and we blame these guys (and a few others at the same location)! They are just too damn fun to come visit and chat with. Couple months ago we entered the store and found Rainy and Joe (left and right) were sporting […]

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Thanksgiving Weekend

John and I stayed home for the long weekend for the first time in quite some time, instead of heading to the Oregon Coast and its yurts. While that felt a little strange we also had our fun with the mini vacations to the East Coast and the Florida Keys and I was looking forward […]

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Engagement Saturday

I’m having a hard time coming up with titles for these blog entries! Today was Rachna’s (Sonal’s niece) engagement. We arrived at their house around 8 AM and nobody was ready! A bunch of guys were hanging out downstairs while the women were getting ready upstairs. Finally, all sarees and odhnis were pinned down properly and […]

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Social Saturday

We got up and out early to spent most of today with our farm friends Rob and Jerry in honor of Jerry’s birthday. After arriving at the farm around 8 AM we had some breakfast, then, after getting various chores done, the four of us piled into our tiny Kia and drove to the movies (Where […]

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I won! Almost!

Friday night John and I drove to Tucson because I was going to attend a spinning class and spend some time (and money, ha!) at the Southwest Fiber Festival in Amado. Like last year I was going to stay over the weekend with Elaine (former president of the AZ Federation of Weavers and Spinners Guilds) who also taught my class. John […]

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Vacation Day 4: Supreme Court, Library of Congress, Capitol, National Archives in Washington DC

We got up early, had bagel sandwiches for breakfast and walked to the United States Capitol, which looked splendid against the blue sky. Our first appointment for the day was the first “courtroom lecture” of the day at 9.30 AM in the Supreme Court Building, which is situated across the street from the Capitol. Using a side […]

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Vacation Day 3: Williamsburg, VA – Mount Vernon – Washington, DC

Today’s breakfast at the Old Chickahominy House included a real treat, the best homemade biscuits I’ve ever had. I like biscuits in general, although I rarely eat them and never have them with gravy. The biscuits at Chickahominy House are rectangular, not crumbly and just wonderful. What I couldn’t eat I wrapped in a napkin and brought them with […]

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Vacation Day 2: Fredericksburg – Jamestowne – Williamsburg

It was still raining as we got up. Since our Days Inn was situated right next to a Waffle House we mosied right over for a breakfast of pork chops, waffles, and hash browns. The itinerary didn’t give any detailed instructions for the drive to Richmond, so we decided to avoid the freeway and stay […]

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