Life after Work

Travel Planning

John is kicking the planning of our Summer trip with my mother into high gear. There is a moment when the vague notion of us going somewhere is turning into a concrete dates and he becomes a number/date/map cruncher. For about a week all he does is look at maps, event calendars, scenic byways, hotels, […]

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Election Day

I drove myself to work, John packed up the rental car, voted, and headed back out to Santa Barbara. Sigh. The election processes provided a lot of distraction throughout the day, though. I can’t vote since I’m not a citizen so I’ve tried to stay away from that whole circus, especially in the last weeks, […]

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Farmers Market in Tonopah

Today was Rob’s big day. The opening day of the Tonopah Farmers Market. Featuring not only Tonopah Rob’s all-natural vegetables but also a number of vendors selling natural foods and other healthy things such as eco-friendly cleaning materials. Rob had posted an ad and there was at least one write-up in a local paper so […]

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Welcome Home, John

Finally! John came back home today from Santa Barbara! Weird how it takes a day to get used to having another person around. But I’m so happy he’s back, even though it is only for a few days (he’s scheduled to leave after voting next Tuesday.

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Chicago to Phoenix

No photo today, somehow we rarely take photos on the day we fly home and our vacation comes to an abrupt halt. There is something to be said about driving because the transition is so much smoother. However, without flying we wouldn’t have been able to explore upper Michigan, so it goes.

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Labor Day Weekend in Santa Barbara

It was high time for us to return to S.B. for a visit and what could be better than a long weekend? To make things easier on us we didn’t leave Friday afternoon to struggle with the traffic but instead got up early Saturday morning and had a good drive without any problems. We spent the […]

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New Fridge Magnet Holder

  OK, so this is really our new freezer, but the first thing I said upon seeing it in the corner next to John’s desk was “does it hold magnets?” and of course it did. Next, I peeled off all those magnets from the side of our fridge that couldn’t fit in the front anymore […]

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My drinking buddy

I don’t remember ever catching Murphy drinking from my glass, but she really went for this one, probably because of the ice cubes. The flavor (very diluted raspberry shrub concentrate) must have been nice for her as well, because I often put ice cubes into her bowl and she doesn’t seem to care much about […]

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Khushbu and Saurin’s Baby Shower

Wile John drove out to the farm stand I finished the baby top, sewed buttons on, and washed it. I’m still pretty excited about it because, albeit tiny, this is the first article of clothing with buttons I have ever finished knitting. Then I devoted a few hours to weaving until John got home and it was […]

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We pick blackberries

A few days ago John found out about a farm near Yuma, AZ, where folks can go pick their own blackberries for less than $4 per pound! And they don’t count how much you eat while picking! Well, we couldn’t eat that much because we were on a fast, but a few were sampled and […]

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